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Hayyak Prepaid mobile service allows you to be in control of what you spend and never a baisa more! As a Hayyak prepaid customer you can pay in advance with recharge vouchers, top up Online, or use our convenient E-payment machines.

Hayyak Liberty 


With Omantel Mobile’s new Hayyak Liberty plan, you can stay on the line for the longest conversations ever (Voice and Video Calls) for just 89bz per call and a weekly fee of only 500 Baiza.



Weekly Subscription Fee

500 Bz

Calls to Omantel Mobile and fixed line numbers (per Call) Voice or Video

89 Bz

Other mobile operators (per Min), Peak

55 Bz

Other mobile operators (per Min), Off-Peak

39 Bz

Charging Increment (to Omantel Mobile and fixed line numbers)

One Call

Charging Increment  (other mobile operators)

One Minute


Terms & Conditions

  • New and existing Hayyak customers may opt in to Hayyak Liberty, otherwise, they shall remain in their current plan.

  • Subscription is automatically renewed every 7 days.

  • In the case of insufficient balance at the time of automatic renewal,  the customer will be unsubscribed from the service and his/her calls will be charged at the standard Hayyak rates from that point. The customer will also receive a notification SMS as follows : “You have been unsubscribed from Hayyak Liberty due to insufficient balance. To subscribe again please recharge and call *201*1#”.

  • Fair Usage Policy: To ensure fair allocation of network resources, calls will be disconnected after 60 minutes.


How to subscribe?

- To subscribe in this plan dial *201*1#

- To unsubscribe from this plan dial *201*2#

- For more information on your plan dial *201*3#



Dial *110* mobile phone number # to find out if you’re calling an Omantel Mobile number or not.



Hayyak Tariffs:

Call Type

Charge per Minute in Bzs

Peak (6 am to 8 pm)

Off-Peak (8 pm to 6 am)*

Emergency Services 



National Calls

55 Bz /min

39 Bz/min

International Calls

To know the international calls tariff, please visit International Calls page.

Roaming Charges

To know the roaming charges for Hayyak, please visit Hayyak Roaming Charges page.


* Off-peak hours : 8 pm to 6 am and 24 hours on Fridays and private sector holidays


Recharge and credit details:

Recharging: Dial: 1233 and follow the instructions or dial: *101*pin code# call

Balance Enquiry: Dial: 1233 and follow the instructions or dial: *100#call

To know the last activity charges (Call/ SMS): dial *125#call


Recharge Vouchers


RO 1

RO 3

RO 5

RO 10


6 Months

6 Months

6 Months

6 Months


Getting started:

Now you can buy your new Hayyak starter kit from any Omantel Mobile, Omantel Retail outlets or through any of our authorized dealers and immediately enjoy the service.

Hayyak Starter Kit


Get Hayyak Starter kit for RO 2 only including RO 2 worth of free credit valid for all kind of usage including SMS, MMS, Data etc.


Hayyak Starter Kit

Starter Kit

RO 2

Free Credit

RO 2


* Applicable for new Hayyak subscribers and for subscribers moving from other operators.


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